LifeSpan® Packaging extends the shelf life of produce, keeping it harvest fresh from orchard to market and extending storage life.

Amcor LifeSpan - Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Storage Life Extension of Fresh Produce

LifeSpan Box Liners, Bin Liners and Pallet Shrouds are an innovation in post-harvest packaging that extend the storage and marketing life of fresh produce. Used commercially for over 15 years, Amcor through its LifeSpan product range, leads the world in bulk Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). MAP is an important packaging component for many of the world's leading fresh produce exporters.

Costs, Sales and Quality Advantages

LifeSpan's Modified Atmosphere packaging delivers cost-savings on behalf of fresh produce-growing and packing communities and also enables the delivery of high quality produce to distant markets.

The cutting edge technology developed by LifeSpan enables perishable products like cherries to be transported by sea-freight, rather than by more costly air freight, whilst maintaining quality standards. During times of over-supply, many users are able to store fresh produce until market demand recovers.

Backed by Amcor

LifeSpan is an Amcor product range. Amcor is one of the world's top 3 global packaging companies, based on market capitalisation, sales and profits.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Amcor has more than 300 manufacturing sites in 44 countries, and derives more than 80% of its earnings from outside Australasia.

Amcor has more than 35,000 employees, more than 70,000 shareholders and in excess of AU $14.0 billion in annual sales. More >

LifeSpan has strong environmental credentials

When LifeSpan products are used responsibly to extend the post harvest life of fresh produce, the net impact on the natural environment is very positive.

LifeSpan, a world leader in Modified Atmosphere Packaging solutions