Wishbone Canine Care
Woof woof!

Wishbone Therapy Farm is a not-for-profit project operated by The Wishbone Foundation. Located in the beautiful Pyrenees Ranges in country Victoria, the farm is currently home to a menagerie of rescued animals, and once completed, will offer animal therapy programs to special needs and disadvantaged kids. The farm will soon be home to Wishbone’s organic pet care product range, and will also offer holiday care on a fee-for-service basis from which 100% profits support the farm.

The Wishbone Foundation is a registered Australian charity founded in 2002 to provide free emergency pet care to elderly and disabled pet owners living at home, and pets as therapy to assisted living facilities and hospitals . Wishbone currently delivers pet care services in metropolitan Melbourne and some areas of country Victoria. Wishbone also offers dog training, walking and socialisation, and holiday care on a fee-for-service basis in the Bendigo region.
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